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Alternative icons and logos for iCab 3

Important: these icons can not be used in iCab 4.

Here you'll find many different alternative icon files and logos for iCab. Though these icons can be used in the "Classic" and Mac OS X version of iCab 3, they will usually look best under "Classic" MacOS only. The Mac OS X version of iCab itself does already provide several icons sets which will match better to the Aqua appearance of Mac OS X.

To install these icons, just download and unstuff the archive and put the "iCab Icons" file into the same folder where iCab is located ("Classic" Mac OS). Under Mac OS X put the icons file into the folder
~/Library/Application Support/iCab/

Alternative Icons und Logos für iCab 3

Achtung: Diese Icons können nicht mit iCab 4 verwendet werden.

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie jede Menge alternativer Icons und Logos für iCab. Auch wenn diese Icons sowohl in der "Classic"-, als auch in der "Mac OS X"-Version von iCab 3 verwendet werden können, sehen sie aber doch in der "Classic"-Version von iCab am besten aus. Die Mac OS X-Version von iCab enthält aber auch schon selbst mehrere speziell auf das Aqua-Design von Mac OS X abgestimmte Icons.

Um diese Icons zu installieren, laden Sie einfach ein Archiv herunter, entpacken Sie es und speichern dann die "iCab Icons"-Datei im selben Ordner, in dem sich auch iCab befindet ("Classic" MacOS). Unter Mac OS X legen sie die Icon-Datei in den Ordner
~/Library/Application Support/iCab/


Alternative iCab Icons with description to create your own icons

Product Appearance Archive Size
Grey Icons and a full description about creating new icons for iCab Snapshot iCab_GreyIcons.sit 28 KB
Original Icons and a full description about creating new icons for iCab Snapshot iCab_OriginalIcons.sit 34 KB

Alternative iCab Icons

Product Appearance Archive Size
Hinx Icons (by hinx) Snapshot hinxicons.sit 100 KB
Son Rosas Icons (by Carola Clavo) Snapshot SonRosas_icons.sit 30 KB
Loki's B&W Icons (by Adam Nohejl - Loki) Snapshot lokis-bw-icons.sit 20 KB
Cybernetics Icons (by HiGiBlank) Snapshot Cybernestics.sit 164 KB
Netpositron Icons (by HiGiBlank) Snapshot NetPositron.sit 80 KB
CharSys Icons 2.0 (by Nitehawk Jarrett) Snapshot iCabCharSys2.0.sit 40 KB
Roam Icons (by mORA) Snapshot Roam.sit 116 KB
Folien-Icons 1.11 (by Roman Mora) Snapshot Folie1.11.sit 40 KB
Jazz Icons 1.1 (by Roman Mora) Snapshot Jazz1.1.sit 33 KB
HyperCab Icons (by Paul Mitchum) Snapshot HyperCab.sit 12 KB
Voyager Icons (by Bob Temple) Snapshot Voyager.sit 25 KB
Voyager Icons III (by Adam Nelson Gordon, Bob Temple; Thorsten Reinicke added buttons for the new Tabs feature) Snapshot VoyagerIconsIII.SIT 25 KB
Functional Buttons (by Anil Purandare) Snapshot FunctionalButtons.sit 12 KB
Charcoal Icons (by Loizos Pavlides) Snapshot iCab_Charcoal_icons.sit 23 KB
QuickTime 4ish icons 1.1 (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot QuickTime4ish_iCab_Icons1.1.sit 42 KB
Decals 1.1 (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot Decalsv11.sit 42 KB
MacOS Xish icons 1.1.1 (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot MacOS_Xish_iCab_Icons_1.1.1.sit 50 KB
MacOS Xish icons 1.2.1 French Blue variant edition (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot MacOS_Xish_iCab_Icons_1.2.1.sit 50 KB
PlayStation Icons 1.1 (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot Playstation_iCab_Icons_1.1.sit 45 KB
Platinum icons 2.0.1 (by Mariel Lohninger) Snapshot iCabPlatinumModule.sit 104 KB
GrayCab icons 1.1 (by Mariel Lohninger) Snapshot GrayCab1.1.sit 8 KB
NZ icons 2.1 (by Douglas Smither) Snapshot NZ_Icons.sit 28 KB
NZ Aqua icons 1.5 (by Douglas Smither)
with new taxi animation
Snapshot NZ_Aqua.sit 38 KB
Facelift icons (by Erik K. Veland) Snapshot DietiCabFacelift.sit 110 KB
Mac OS like icons & cursors (by Raphael Ullmann) Snapshot iCab_MacOS-like_Icons.sit 55 KB
GreenTech icons 1.01 (by P.A. Buffo) Snapshot GreenTech1.01.sit 9 KB
Blueberry icons (by Tom Wimbish) Snapshot blueberry.sit 25 KB
Graphite icons (by Tom Wimbish) Snapshot graphite.sit 25 KB
QTButton icons (by Tom Wimbish) Snapshot qtbutton.sit 20 KB
Gummi icons 1.01 (by Tom Wimbish) Snapshot gumdrop.sit 70 KB
Modified Gummi icons (Icons by Tom Wimbish, modified by Czeky) Snapshot gumdropCzekyMod.sit 70 KB
New Age icons (by Chris Brandt) Snapshot NewAgeIcons.sit 39 KB
Sega Dreamcast icons (by Chris Brandt) Snapshot SegaDreamcast.sit 40 KB
Aqua icons (by Chris Brandt) Snapshot AquaIcons.sit 40 KB
Cybie Icons V0.7 (by Mavelick & Layla) Snapshot iCabCybieIconsV0.7.sit 26 KB
Cursor V3 (by Michel Fortin) Snapshot CursorV3.sit 8 KB
Real Cursors (by Ryan Martinez) Snapshot RealCursors1.sit 5 KB
iCab Devil (by Adam Jensen) SnapshotReplacement for the sad smiley devil.sit 120 KB
F1 icon 2.0 (by hinx) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation f1.sit 100 KB
BM icon 1.0 (by hinx) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation BM-Vs1.0.sit 52 KB
Rocket (by Ben Oram) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation and cursors rocket.sit 14 KB
Lost Sheep #2 (by Ditch) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation Lost_Sheep_2.sit 43 KB
Cube (by William MacKay) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation cubepatch.sit 5 KB
PurpleRain (by Andrew Plotkin) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation purplerain.sit 9 KB
Qatar iCab (by Arindam Basu) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation QatariCab.sit 5 KB
Bengali iCab (by Arindam Basu) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation BengaliiCab.sit 5 KB
ColourCycling (by Arindam Basu) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation colourcycling.sit 5 KB
Nocturnal (by Arindam Basu) SnapshotReplacement for taxi animation nocturnal.sit 5 KB
Bouncing Ball (by Bruce McLaughlin) Replacement for taxi animation bouncing_ball.sit 3,5 KB
Moving iCab logo (by Douglas Smither) Replacement for taxi animation shiftlogo.sit 5,5 KB
iCab font (by Nitehawk Jarrett) This font is based on the splashscreen art of the internet taxi logo iCabby.sit 70 KB